Oak's determination to his cause grows, increasing Weapon Damage. Also, Oak gains additional Weapon Damage based on the number of spirits he has.
Soul Power

Level 2Soul Power IWeapon Damage Bonus 20
Level 5Soul Power IIWeapon Damage Bonus 40
Level 8Soul Power IIIWeapon Damage Bonus 60

Soul Power's mechanism is one of the least understood in the game, but also one of the most obscure. Soul Power does two things:

  1. Gives you a permanent passive Weapon Damage Bonus.
  2. Gives you an additional Weapon Damage Bonus, depending on the amount of Spirits under your control and your Soul Power level, which activates only if you have at least a single spirit.

The first damage calculation is easy: 20 per level; 20 for Soul Power I, 40 for Soul Power II and 60 for Soul Power III.

This second bonus is usually not very well explained but the formula for calculating the bonus damage is this (assuming you have at least one spirit): (soulPowerLevel + (numberOfSpirits/3)) * 20

Some people will tell you that this damage is capped at 120. This is kind of true, but that is only the second spirit bonus, and not the initial static Weapon Bonus

This chart will summarize everything:

Overall Damage Bonus
Spirits No Soul Power Soul Power 1 Soul Power 2 Soul Power 3
0 0 20 40 60
1 0 40 80 120
3 0 60 100 140
6 0 80 120 160
9 0 100 140 180

Or, if you want the bonuses from Spirits only:

Spirit Damage Bonus
Spirits No Soul Power Soul Power 1 Soul Power 2 Soul Power 3
0 0 0 0 0
1 0 20 40 60
3 0 40 60 80
6 0 60 80 100
9 0 80 100 120

As you can see, you will not get much benefit out of subsequent levels of Soul Power (only 40 damage, if you have Spirits), as most of the damage comes from your first level, and your Spirits.

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