Regulus takes time to set up a devastating shot, piercing a target for damage plus additional damage as it travels.

LevelNameMana CostCast TimeCooldownRangeDamage
Level 1Snipe I450 mana2s15s90250
Level 4Snipe II550 mana2s15s90400
Level 7Snipe III650 mana2s15s90550
Level 10Snipe IV750 mana2s15s90700


Regulus has a 3% chance of stopping his enemies dead in their tracks,
stunning them for 0.3 seconds.

Level 15, Snipe IVDeadeye I3% chance to stun enemies for 0.3 seconds.


  • For every 3 yards the enemy is from Regulus when he finishes firing, Snipe does 10 extra damage.

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