The Rook pulls a Tower of Light from the ground to defend the area. Each level of tower is stronger than the previous one.
Power of the Tower

LevelNameCostCast TimeCooldownDamageEffect
Level 1Power of the Tower I4000.1s10s100Raises a Level 1 Tower of Light. May control up to 2 towers at a time. (Towers have 1500 life)
Level 4Power of the Tower II4000.1s10s130Raises a Level 2 Tower of Light. May control up to 4 towers at a time. (Towers have 1950 life)
Level 7Power of the Tower III4000.1s10s160Raises a Level 3 Tower of Light. May control up to 6 towers at a time. (Towers have 2400 life)
Level 10Power of the Tower IV2000.1s10s190Raises a Level 4 Tower of Light. May control up to 8 towers at a time. (Towers have 2850 life)


  • Towers have an attack rate of 0.5
  • One nice part of this ability is that ranks 2 and 3 of this ability don't increase the cost of raising a tower, while the 4th rank reduces the cost by 50%
  • The towers the Rook pulls out do not last forever, and break apart after a while.
  • If the capacity of towers for the current skill level has been reached and a new tower is pulled up then the oldest tower created will be destroyed to make room for the new one.

Video:Tower Of Power

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