The Pantheon is a tournament between the Forces of Light (Sedna, Rook, Oak, and Regulus) against the Forces of Darkness (Torch Bearer, Unclean Beast, Queen of Thorns, and Lord Erebus). The goal of each side is to amass a certain amount of Favor among all of its players. Pantheon has multiple Game Types that are usually 2v2.

Pantheon, The BeginningEdit

1st Pantheon

  • Apr. 14, 2009 - Apr. 24, 2009
  • Goal: 500,000 Points
    • Winner: Forces of Light
      • Earned: 501,670 Points
      • Wins: 1,599
      • Losses: 1,551
      • Players: 4,090
      • Progress: 100%
    • Loser: Forces of Darkness
      • Earned: 478,895 Points
      • Wins: 1,551
      • Losses: 1,559
      • Players: 3,657
      • Progress: 95%

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