Lord Erebus turns into mist, draining life per second his foes[sic] while they are in the mist and transferring it to allies. While Mist is active Lord Erebus loses 125 mana per second, and cannot move, capture flags, be healed or use abilities. Entering mist removes all negative effects.

Level 1Mist Ispecial3 / 10svariables10Enemies lose 50 health per second. Heals allies for 20 health per second.
Level 4Mist IIspecial3 / 10svariables10Enemies lose 75 health per second. Heals allies for 35 health per second.
Level 7Mist IIIspecial3 / 10svariables10Enemies lose 100 health per second. Heals allies for 50 health per second.
Level 10Mist IVspecial3 / 10svariables10Enemies lose 125 health per second. Heals allies for 65 health per second.

Mist OffEdit

Mist Off


  • While active, Mist drains 125 mana per second.
  • Mist can last as long as Erebus has mana, and can be terminated at the user's discretion.

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