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Sedna summons Yetis to defend her.
Horn of the Yeti

LevelNameMana CostCast TimeCooldownEffect
Level 1Horn of the Yeti I550 mana0.5s7sSummons 1 Yeti, 2 Yetis Max.
Level 4Horn of the Yeti II750 mana0.5s7sSummons 2 Yetis; 2 Yetis Max; +7 Yeti Damage; +300 Yeti Health.
Level 7Horn of the Yeti III950 mana0.5s7sSummons 2 Yetis; 4 Yetis Max; +14 Yeti Damage; +600 Yeti Health.
Level 10Horn of the Yeti IV1150 mana0.5s7sSummons 4 Yetis; 4 Yetis Max; +21 Yeti Damage; +900 Yeti Health.

Wild SwingsEdit

Wild Swings
Sedna's Yetis strike with wide swings, damaging nearby (range 2) enemies for 75% damage.

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