Sedna heals a friendly target, and damages nearby enemies.

LevelNameMana CostCast TimeCooldownRangeTargetEffect
Level 1Heal I375 mana0.5s7s20AllyHeals 600 Health.
Level 4Heal II500 mana0.5s7s20AllyHeals 900 Health.
Level 7Heal III625 mana0.5s7s20AllyHeals 1200 Health. Removes negative effects.
Level 10Heal IV750 mana0.5s7s20AllyHeals 1500 Health. Removes negative effects. Damages enemies for 200 damage in a radius of 15.

Life's ChildEdit

Life's Child
The forces of life guard Sedna. Whenever she is under 30% health, her Health Per Second increases by 50%.

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