Gloves Edit

Gloves specialize in combat abilities. They usually increase Damage and Attack speed, sometimes add Critical chances, or added special attacks.

Data correct for Gloves as of December 7th 2009; Demigod 1.2.0

Gauntlets of Brutality Edit

Gauntlets of Brutality
  • Cost: 400 Gold
  • +25 Weapon Damage

Gladiator Gloves Edit

Gladiator Gloves
  • Cost: 450 Gold
  • +5% Attack Speed
  • +4 Minion Damage

Wyrmskin Handguards Edit

Wyrmskin Handguards
  • Cost: 1500 Gold
  • +15 Weapon Damage
  • 15% chance on hit to eviscerate the target dealing 60 damage and reducing their Attack Speed and Movement Speed 15%.
  • Note: Duration of eviscerate is 5 seconds.
  • Note: Ranged attacks only get 8% chance to eviscerate.

Gauntlets of Despair Edit

Gauntlets of Despair
  • Cost: 1750 Gold
  • +350 Mana
  • 15% chance on hit to drain 300 Mana.
  • Note: Ranged attacks only get 10% chance to eviscerate.

This item originally also added an increase 8% rate of fire, but not anymore.

Slayer's Wraps Edit

Slayer's Wraps
  • Cost: 3300 Gold
  • +10 Health Per Second
  • +30 Weapon Damage
  • 10% chance deal a critical strike for 2x damage.

Gloves of Fell-Darkur Edit

Gloves of Fell-Darkur
  • Cost: 3500 Gold
  • +30 Weapon Damage
  • +8 Minion Damage
  • +5% Minion Attack Speed
  • 20% chance on hit to unleash a fiery blast, dealing 175 damage.
  • Note: Ranged attacks only get 13% chance to unleash a fiery blast.

Doomspite Grips Edit

Doomspite Grips
  • Cost: 6750 Gold
  • +40 Weapon Damage
  • +10% Attack Speed
  • 25% chance on hit to perform a cleaving attack, damaging nearby enemies.
  • Note: Ranged attacks only get 16% chance to perform a cleaving attack.

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