Overview Edit

Flags in Demigod are non-attackble structures on a map. They are often used to determine control of other non-attackable buildings.

Building Flags Edit

If a flag is associated to a building, like a Gold Mine, controlling the flag will give your team ownership of the building. A flag can be associated to any number of buildings.

Bonus Flags Edit

Flags that are not asociated to buildings often grant team bonuses. They can improve Reinforcement or Demigod Health, mana, damage or even lower Cooldown time.

Controlling a Flag Edit

To gain control of a flag, a Demigod must be near it. Over time, ownership will shift to that Demigod's team. Control of a flag ranges between 100% Light to 100% Dark.

A team is only considered in control of a flag when it is 100% controled by one team - otherwise it is considered neutral and does not grant bonuses or building control to either team.

Should two opposing Demigods enter capture range of a flag at the same time, they cancel out each other's influence - control of the flag will stay at the current level until one of them leaves capture range, or another Demigod also enters capture range.