This page is designed to help you edit this wiki. Not sure which terms to use? This page will help you!

This is not an exclusive guide, and is not an authoritative guide either. You can change the rules if you feel it will lead to better content, or if they seem wrong to you.

Demigod names Edit

Proper names Edit

For demigods like "Regulus" or "Sedna", simply use their proper names everywhere.

Improper names Edit

Most of the other Demigods aren't referred to by proper names, like "Rook", "Oak", "Queen of Thorns", "Unclean Beast" and "Torch Bearer". For all intents and purposes, these are their names, but the should be referred to as "The", for example, refer to "Oak" as "The Oak", or "Rook" as "The Rook".

Lord Erebus/Vampire Lord Edit

Lord Erebus is an exception to the rule. "Lord" is not optional, it is part of his name, and cannot be removed. During game development, he was called Vampire Lord until almost the very end, until a name change was decided, so don't be surprised of you see this (even on the official website). You should, however, stick to "Lord Erebus", as he is refered to in-game.

Terms Edit

Reinforcements Edit

Use "reinforcement" the word "Creep" does not exist in Demigod (its current use in the wiki is a mistake).

Generals create creatures called "Minions".

Abilities/Skills Edit

Use the word "ability", and avoid the word "skill".

It is currently unclear which of the two words should be used. If anybody cares enough to find a definitive answer, please share here.

Images Edit

Try to tag all your images with fairuse. Also try to categorize them, so they can easily be viewed in Category:Images, or subcategory. This will make sure everybody knows which images are on the wiki, and none are "lost". If you do not know which category your image should belong to, just use the root Category:Images.

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