As nearby enemies die, their bodies nourish Queen of Thorns. For every 3 enemies killed, Uproot increases in damage. Her Shamblers gain Weapon Damage and Health. The effects cap at 9 enemies killed, and the effects diminish over time.

Level 2Compost IUnlisted +4 Shambler damage, +60 Shambler health, +20 Uproot dps
Level 5Compost IIUnlisted +6 Shambler damage, +120 Shambler health, +40 Uproot dps
Level 8Compost IIIUnlisted +8 Shambler damage, +180 Shambler health, +60 Uproot dps


  • The listed vales are for the first effect of Compost. Each additional effect will increase the values by +2 Shambler damage, +60 Shambler health, and +20 Uproot dps.
  • The effect of Compost diminishes every 7 seconds there isn't a kill.

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