Breastplates Edit

Breastplates are items that specialize in increasing your strength. They will usually increase your Health and Armor but sometimes also your weapon damage or attack rate.

Data correct for Breastplates as of December 7th 2009; Demigod 1.2.0

Scalemail Edit

  • Cost: 400 Gold
  • +600 Armor

A good item, at the very beginning. At 400 gold, you get 600 Armor, which is enough for 20% damage reduction. However, as the game progresses, not only will this item take up a slot, but the diminishing return on the armor stat will make this item pretty useless.

Banded Armor Edit

Banded Armor
  • Cost: 550 Gold
  • +400 Health
  • +5 Health Per Second

An excellent first item. This should almost always be your first item regardless of demigod.

Nimoth Chest Armor Edit

Nimoth Chest Armor
  • Cost: 1500 Gold
  • +500 Health
  • +750 Armor

A good defensive item. Will grant you extra Health and Armor. Well priced for the stats boost.

Hauberk of Life Edit

Hauberk of Life
  • Cost: 1750 Gold
  • +600 Health
  • +10 Health Per Second
  • +200 Minion Health
  • +3 Minion Health Per Second

If you are not a general, then you will get a better bang for your buck with the Nimoth Chest Armor or the Unbreakable Boots. If you are a general though, then this item is pretty good.

Duelist's Cuirass Edit

Duelist's Cuirass
  • Cost: 2500 Gold
  • +350 Armor
  • +500 Health
  • 10% chance deal a critical strike for 1.5x damage.

An OK item if you Demigod is getting most of it's damage from auto-attacks. So mostly only for Rook and Unclean Beast. This item increases your overall damage output by 5%.

Armor of Vengeance Edit

Armor of Vengeance
  • Cost: 3250 Gold
  • +1050 Armor
  • When struck by melee and ranged attacks, wearers of this mystical armor reflect 35 damage back to the attacker.

A good item that grants a fair amount of armor. The returned damage is not huge, but enough to make a difference in combat. It triggers against Demigods, minions and Reinforcement. Other things like towers don't trigger it.

Platemail of the Crusader Edit

Platemail of the Crusader
  • Cost: 4500 Gold
  • +20 Health Per Second
  • +1000 Armor
  • +250 Minion Health
  • +4 Minion Health Per Second
  • 1% chance on being hit to heal 300 Health

The healing on this item is nice, but too rare. It would be a good item, but not at 4500 gold.

Groffling Warplate Edit

Groffling Warplate
  • Cost: 5200 Gold
  • +675 Health
  • +1200 Armor
  • 1% chance on being hit to gain a shield that absorbs 300 damage and lasts 10 seconds.
    Only one absorption effect may be active at a time

God Plate Edit

God Plate
  • Cost: 10000 Gold
  • +1050 Health
  • +1200 Armor
  • +20 Health Per Second
  • +275 Minion Health
  • +300 Minion Armor

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