Bestial Wrath
Unrelenting Wrath

Description Edit

Unclean Beast enters a frenzy for 7 seconds. Weapon Damage is increased by a percentage.
__Unrelenting Wrath for 10 sec.
  • 0.5 second cast
  • 15 seconds cooldown
  • 7 seconds duration
Level Name Mana cost Damage Buff
1 Bestial Wrath I 550 mana 25%
4 Bestial Wrath II 700 mana 35%
7 Bestial Wrath III 850 mana 45%
10 Bestial Wrath IV 1000 mana 55%
15 Unrelenting Wrath 1000 mana 65%
Unclean Beast's movement speed cannot be reduced in this state.

See Also Edit

Unclean Beast

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