Description Edit

Oculus summons ball(s) of lightning. The lightning moves to the target destination, fighting anything long the way. Oculus can have multiple Ball Lightnings active. Ball Lightning destroys itself after a short period of time.
Ball Lightning

LevelNameMana CostCast TimeCooldownDurationRangeTargetEffect
Level 1Ball Lightning I450 mana0.5s7s20s20Any walkwaySummons 1 (2 max)
Level 4Ball Lightning II625 mana0.5s7s20s20Any walkwaySummons 2 (2 max)
Level 7Ball Lightning III800 mana0.5s7s20s20Any walkwaySummons 2 (4 max) Allies near Ball Lightning have increased Attack Speed.
Level 10Ball Lightning IV975 mana0.5s7s20s20Any walkwaySummons 4 (4 max) Allies near Ball Lightning have increased Attack Speed.

Notes Edit

  • Ball Lightning can be controlled after casting like Idols/Minions (Default I key).
  • Ball Lightning's secondary affect will affect all allies. This includes Demigods, Idols and Minions.

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