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Regulus enters a divine rage. His bolts deal increased damage and explode on contact. Each shot costs Mana.
Angelic Fury

Level 1Angelic Fury I2+25 Weapon Damage. Costs 40 mana per shot.
Level 4Angelic Fury II2+50 Weapon Damage. Costs 40 mana per shot.
Level 7Angelic Fury III2+75 Weapon Damage. Costs 40 mana per shot.
Level 10Angelic Fury IV2+100 Weapon Damage. Costs 40 mana per shot.

Angelic Fury Off Edit

Angelic Fury Off
Regulus ceases his fury, losing his wings and extra power.


When Regulus uses Angelic Fury, he unleashes a nova of holy power around him, dealing 500 damage and sending nearby enemies flying.

LevelNameCast TimeCooldownDamageArea
Level 15, Angelic Fury IVVengeance I1s5s50010


  • Unconfirmed The explosive damage from Angelic Fury is only 70%.

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